Licheng Zhong 钟李骋

I do research at Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute working with Prof. Li Yi, and Machine Vision and Intelligence Group (MVIG) working with Prof. Cewu Lu and Prof. Lixin Yang. I was a visiting research intern at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL) working with Prof. Jiajun Wu and Prof. Yunzhu Li in 2023 summer.

I received my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, my graduation thesis was supervised by Prof. Peter Bradley Shull.
I am looking for 2025 Fall PhD position.

Research interests:

  • 3D Vision: Physical Scene Understanding, 3D Reconstruction, Graphics-Based Vision, AIGC
  • Hand/Body: 3D Hand/Human (& Object) Reconstruction/Interaction/Motion Synthesis
  • Robotics: 3D Vision for Robotics, Robotic Environments Generation, Manipulation

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🪐 Experience

Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute
Shanghai, China
2024.02 ~ present
Research Assistant
Advisor: Prof. Li Yi
Stanford University
California, U.S.A.
2023.06 ~ 2024.03
Undergraduate Visiting Research Intern
Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL)
Advisor: Prof. Jiajun Wu and Prof. Yunzhu Li
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai, China
2020.09 ~ 2024.06
B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
2022.01 ~ present
Machine Vision and Intelligence Group (MVIG)
Advisor: Prof. Cewu Lu and Ph.D. Lixin Yang

🍫 Misc.

  • I have a passion for traveling🗺 and photography📷, with a particular fondness for hiking🥾 and mountain climbing⛰, and an even greater enthusiasm for snowy peaks🏔. See my Travelog!

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